Motherlode Moteos Barrel Wars

Get ready for the thrill of the first-ever Norcal Moto Alliance Moteos Barrel Racing Championship Series, set against the stunning backdrop of Sonora, California! This adrenaline-fueled series is not just about conquering barrels, but also about claiming the coveted title of the "King of the Mountain." Be in the flesh to watch the premier of the Norcal Moto Alliance Freestyle Motocross team on June 30th at the Motherlode Fair following the conclusion of the Barrel Racing Event!

Event Date: June 30th, 2024 (held at the prestigious Motherlode County Fair!) 220 Southgate Dr. Sonora, CA 95370

Vehicle Categories:

  • Dirtbikes
  • Side by Sides
  • Quads
  • UTV's/Crawlers

Event Attractions:

  • Food Vendors
  • Interactive Vendors/Displays
  • Raffles/Giveaways
  • Award Ceremony
  • Freestyle Motocross Show

Competition Highlights:

  1. Barrel Racing: Navigate through a challenging course with precision and speed, showcasing the agility of your machine.

  2. Head-to-Head Racing: Experience the adrenaline rush as competitors go head-to-head in thrilling races, battling for supremacy.

  3. Wheelie/Donut Competition: Witness jaw-dropping stunts as riders push the limits, attempting to master the art of sustained wheelies and/or keeping their machines upright during the donut competition.

  4. Pit Bike Race: Mini-bikes take center stage in this fast-paced and entertaining race around the specially designed pit track.

Location: The series kicks off in Sonora, California, offering participants and spectators a unique blend of natural beauty and heart-pounding action. The BIG showdown will be hosted at the esteemed Motherlode County Fairgrounds on June 30th, 2024.

Why Attend?

  • Be a part of history at the inaugural Norcal Moto Alliance Moteos Barrel Racing Series.
  • Witness top riders from across the region vying for the title of "King of the Mountain."
  • Experience a diverse range of competitions, showcasing the versatility of dirtbikes, side by sides, and quads.
  • Enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere with food, vendors, and exciting activities for all ages.

Mark your calendars, rev your engines, and join us for an unforgettable series of events that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The Norcal Moto Alliance Moteos Barrel Racing Championship Series is where the thrill of off-road racing meets the beauty of Sonora, California!